Pro’s and Con’s of Nutrition Bars

In recent times, it’s been observed that people now have started using supplements like nutrition bars, high protein bars so as to remain fit and healthy. Some people have gone to the point of having the best nutrition bars instead of their daily diet. However the question is that if these supplements are actually sufficiently enough to offer all the required nutritional needs of the human body. Underneath, nutritional bars have been judged to see how advantageous they actually are for you.Normally, all the nutrition bars include less healthy nutrition or mostly they are not correctly labeled. As a matter of fact, such bars are just like the normal chocolate bars we have with no better nutritional values. Of late, it’s been discovered in a few studies that 19 of 32 nutrition bars that were tested didn’t have the required amount of the ingredients that were show in the label. In particular the amount of carbohydrates present in these bars is a lot more than what is mentioned in the label of that bar.However, some the manufacturers do understand the needs and requirements of the well-informed customer for good nutrition in any nutrition bar and thus provide most of the essential nutrition in such bars.Here are a few points which will help you to find a nutrition bar which has the right nutritional value:
In any bar, the amount of proteins has to be between 15 to 32 grams. All energy bars contain lower protein whereas all protein bars contain high protein. We should be searching for additional and excellent quality proteins or amino acid like arginine and carnitine for assistance in maintaining our muscles and for their repair and growth.All such bars should contain a little carbohydrate, say about 18 to 28 gram of it and the carbohydrate value should be a minimum of 2 grams of soluble fiber in every bar, for the reason that fiber is important for the utilization of nutrients and overall well being of the gastrointestinal tract.The taste of a bar is one of the biggest factors which helps in its sales, and the manufacturers can not compromise as far as the taste is related. These days there are a lot of nutrition bars being sold in the market place, which although maybe very effective, but are almost as tasteless as water. Only the bars which have a good taste attract the people.

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